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(The Gathering)

A satirical comedy set in Jakarta about friendship, homosexuality, adultery and the shallowness of the nouveau riche, “Arisan!” caused quite a stir in Indonesia when it presented the first openly gay kiss between the two male leads.
    Sakti is a handsome young architect living in Jakarta with his nagging mother.  He is so deep in the closet that even he has not figured out he likes men.  But those around him begin to suspect something is up when Sakti meets Nino, a good looking TV producer.
    Set around the traditional Arisan (gatherings) where women get together and gossip the afternoon away, this film is a wonderful look at Indonesian society and people’s ability to accept each other no matter what the circumstances.

A Special Feature “The Making of Arisan!”/Theatrical Trailers/Deleted Scenes/A Special Surprise/Wide Screen Format/Interactive Menus

2003/Indonesia/Color/129 Minutes/Indonesian with English Subtitles

Directed by Nia Dinata
Produced by Afi Shamara, Dina  Ponsen and  Sari Nirmolo
Written by Afi Shamara and Nia Dinata
A PT. Kalyana Shira Film
Staring:  Cut Mini, Tora Sudiro, Aida Nurmala, Rachel Maryam and Surya Saputra

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