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Eulogy for a Vampire

MSRP: $19.95
Price: Halloween Special

Item Number: WBF4143
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He Wanted Him Alive Or Dead
A handsome young drifter is found unconscious near a remote rural monastery inhabited by the mysterious Order of Pathicus.  His strong sexuality unsettles the young monks.  One by one, they unravel through their perverse obsession with the drifter, who seems to possess an inner knowledge about the monastery and its dark secrets.

A midnight cult classic is born - Boxoffice Magazine

Unbridled scheming and debauchery - The New York Times

Provocative and atmospheric,  The images are arresting ...a suitable moody sensation - Chelsea Now

Operatic in horror abounds in scarred flesh, ripped bloodlines, and vampire rituals - The Village Voice

Theatrical Trailer • Evidence Remains - a music video • Behind the scenes footage • Deleted Scenes montage • Actors screen tests

USA/2010/106 Mins./Color & B/W

A Film by  Patrick McGuinn
A Willing Suspension Film
Featuring:  Wilson Hand, Damacio Ruiz, Ryan G. Metzger, Angelo Tursi and David McWeeney

Retail price:  $19.95  NOW  $16.95

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