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Last Call at Maud's

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Manufacturer Part No: WBF4019
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"Last Call at Maud’s" is a fascinating look at the life and times of the world’s longest running lesbian bar, San Francisco’s Maud’s.  Opened in 1966, Maud’s was a thriving and popular meeting place for a “secret sorority” until it closed it’s doors in 1989.
This one-of-a-kind film interweaves extremely rare archives of the hot gay bar scene of the 1940’s, the frightening vice raids of the 1950’s, and the colorful gay counter culture of the 1960’s together with provocative personal stories of coming out, sexual politics and humorous adventures.  Director Paris Poirier’s Last Call at Maud’s at once bids a fond farewell to a cherished landmark and documents an important social revolution.  A witty and informative look at cultural evolution in the making.

1993/Color with Black & White footage/USA/77 Minutes

Directed by Paris Poirier  Produced by Karen Kiss

DVD - $19.95  NOW  $16.95

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