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Meteor and Shadow

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Manufacturer Part No: WBF4005
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A poignant and harrowing account of the rise and fall of Napoleon Lapathiotis (1888- 1944), Greece's most esteemed poet. Acclaimed director Takis Spetsiotis conveys, with sensitive daring and finesse, the poet's life as a romantic charmer, literary genius, communist sympathizer, depraved drug addict and, most importantly, as a national icon whose openly gay lifestyle created a scandal in conservative Athenian society.

Winner of four awards, including Best Actor, at the 1985 Thessaloniki Film Festival (the Greek Oscars), "Meteor and Shadow" is a moving and visually striking decent into the horrors of troubled soul that speaks volumes on the complex and sometimes destructive relationship between and artist's personal life and his public creations.

1985/Color/Greece/101 minutes/Greek with English Subtitles

Directed Takis Spetsiotis
Starring Takis Maschos

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