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Price: $16.95

Manufacturer Part No: WBF4082
When it was released in 1978, “Nighthawks” was billed as the first film from the United Kingdom to deal with gay life in a positive light.  Viewed almost 30 years later it is a time capsule from a time that does not seem all that different from today.
    Jim, a seemingly average teacher in a comprehensive school, lives the classic double life:  nights in the gay bars and discos, days in school – and in the closet.  With each new acquaintance the same tensions arise, does he venture beyond his current life style, who does he tell the truth to, and is there anything more to gay life than the one night stand?
    His worlds collide when he’s confronted by his students.  Asked if he is “bent” Jim does not retreat to the closet but gives the boys a resounding lesson in tolerance that still reverberates today.

Britain’s first committed gay feature film”
     – Time Out

“An intelligent, sophisticated, sensitive and entertaining dramatic film about Gay life”
     – The Bay Area Reporter

“A work of great candor and moral courage”
     – New York Magazine

Special Features:
New Digital Transfer
“Nighthawks Reflected” - A documentary on the making of the film
Interactive Menus

1978/Color/United Kingdom/109 Minutes

A Film By Ron Peck and Paul Hallam
Starring Ken Robertson; Robert Merrick; Tony Westrope; Rachel Nicholas James

DVD - $19.95  NOW  $16.95

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