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Tokyo Cowboy

MSRP: $19.95
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Manufacturer Part No: WBF4009
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Can a wanna be cowboy from Japan come between two girls in love?  No Ogawa (Hiromoto Ida) has big dreams of living life as a cowboy.  To fulfill his fantasy, No sets off for the rolling prairies of the Canadian West, in search of the perfect cowgirl: childhood pen pal, Kate (Chirstina Hirt). Trouble is, Kate prefers cowgirls to cowboys.  Now a sophisticated artist, Kate lives with her lover Shelly (Janne Mortil) and wants to leave small town life and her match-making mother behind.
Punctuated by hilarious “Wild West” dream sequences and filled with endearing characters, Tokyo Cowboy is a fantastic comedy of cross cultural misunderstandings and sexual confusion.

1994/Color/Canada/94 Minutes/In English

Directed by: Kathy Garneau
Hiromoto Ida, Chirstina Hirt and Janne Mortil

DVD - $19.95  NOW $16.95

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